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Bloody Mary

The Bottle For Bloody Mary

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Student Tanya Dunaeva’s packaging design for the Bloody Mary cocktail.
Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail with vodka and tomato juice. It is on this basis that Tanya Dunaeva creates the packaging of the cocktail bottle. To better understand the meaning of the latter, we will tell one of the stories of the origin of the name of the cocktail.

Young Mary’s heart breaks when her lover is killed in adolescence. Swearing to avenge her lover’s death, Mary joins a group of pirates and becomes a prisoner of the sea and alcohol.
In the center of the bottle is a red heart in the form of the symbol of Mary’s bloodied heart. The word “Strong” was added on the packaging because tomato liqueur is used instead of regular tomato juice.
The other two bottles are filled with the names Bloody Margot and Bloody Mabel, respectively, cherry and grape liqueurs cast in different shades of red.