Michelin Logo Story

By July 16, 2021 Michelin

1889 The Michelin brothers founded a tire company. A few years later, the brothers decided to take part in a tire exhibition and present their products. Looking at the picture of the lined tires, one of the brothers says: “If we add hands, we get a man.”


Four years later, the first poster featuring a man and tires was created. The picture showed a glass filled with small car parts. And in the famous phrase “Nunc est Bibendum” (“It’s time to drink”), written at the top of the poster, the word Bibend later becomes the name of a man.
Over the years, the brothers decided to encourage drivers to take longer trips, after which the demand for tires would increase.
For this purpose, a Michelin booklet was created, which brings together the best restaurants and cafes. The Michelin brothers’ business grew, and the book and the little man, Bibendum, became very popular.