The Meanings Of Famous University Logos

By June 25, 2021 University logos
Pennsylvania State University logoMichigan State University Harvard University American University Harvard University

Large reputable educational institutions are very careful in choosing a symbol for themselves. Here are some examples of the meanings of university logos.


Harvard University:

The Harvard University logo features a shield with the word “veritas,” which translates to “truth.” The shield served as a symbol for Harvard for over 200 years before it became the official logo.


American University:

The importance of colors was not forgotten when creating the American University logo. The colors of the logo – red, blue, and white – symbolize the colors of the American flag.


Texas University:

The University of Texas logo is immediately recognizable and memorable. The university chose the image of a bull with long horns to represent its sports teams.


Michigan State University:

Look at the logo of the University of Michigan and tell me what associations come to your mind ․ Bold, revolutionary, solid, and stable? This is why the university decided to depict a Spartan on its logo.


Stanford University

Stanford’s logo is a tribute to the university’s location. Stanford often referred to as the city of redwoods.


Pennsylvania State University:

The University of Pennsylvania logo depicts Nathan the lion. The sculpture of this lion donated to the university half a century ago. The lion symbolizes the pride of students and teachers.