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The Meanings Of Famous University Logos

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Large reputable educational institutions are very careful in choosing a symbol for themselves. Here are some examples of the meanings of university logos.


Harvard University:

The Harvard University logo features a shield with the word “veritas,” which translates to “truth.” The shield served as a symbol for Harvard for over 200 years before it became the official logo.


American University:

The importance of colors was not forgotten when creating the American University logo. The colors of the logo – red, blue, and white – symbolize the colors of the American flag.


Texas University:

The University of Texas logo is immediately recognizable and memorable. The university chose the image of a bull with long horns to represent its sports teams.


Michigan State University:

Look at the logo of the University of Michigan and tell me what associations come to your mind ․ Bold, revolutionary, solid, and stable? This is why the university decided to depict a Spartan on its logo.


Stanford University

Stanford’s logo is a tribute to the university’s location. Stanford often referred to as the city of redwoods.


Pennsylvania State University:

The University of Pennsylvania logo depicts Nathan the lion. The sculpture of this lion donated to the university half a century ago. The lion symbolizes the pride of students and teachers.