How could we call our favorite brands?

By June 16, 2021 June 23rd, 2021 Names
Zorba Zara Instagram Google Starbucks pepsi

Choosing a name for a brand is not an easy task. The name should be with one or two syllables that are easy to pronounce, not too long for people to make a mistake when writing it, and not too short to forget in a minute.

Did you know that many of the most successful companies in the world have failed in their first attempt to choose a name?

Here are some examples of how the most famous companies could be called.. Although the word “most popular” would be a bit controversial, as much of their success lies in the easy-to-remember name.


Brad’s Drink – Pepsi


Caleb Devis Bradham created a beverage consisting of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, and cola nuts. Caleb called it Brad’s Drink. The drink was not very successful until it was renamed Pepsi.


Burbn – Instagram


Kevin Systrom was so fond of Kentucky whiskeys that he named the app he created after his favorite alcohol. The app was initially intended for people to check out different locations, but it was not used for that purpose.

People started uploading pictures there, so Systrom decided to rename the app Instagram.


Backrub – Google


Larry Page and Sergey Brin named their company Backrub. Backrub analyzes site traffic based on backlinks. Paige did not like the name; she discussed different names with her students at Stanford University. The word googolplex was suggested, which turned into Google. The result satisfied everyone.


Zorba – Zara


Amancio Ortega loved the 1964 film “Zorba the Greek” and named his clothing store after the film.

Next to Ortega’s shop on the other side of the street was a cafe called Zorba. The owner of the cafe complained, as a result of which the shop was renamed, Zara.


Cargo Cafe – Aka Starbucks


Starbucks co-founder Gordon Booker said the network was initially called Cargo House. Later, Booker decided to rename it and choose a name starting with “st,” as the letters “st” were considered strong.

A brand consultant studying ancient maps from the 1800s suggested the name of a mining town called Starbos. And in the famous Moby Dick book, the name Starbuck appears.