The aura of a woman in religious philosophy

By July 16, 2021 Aura
Lotus bird

The aura of a woman in religious philosophy is usually depicted in the form of natural signs.

The feminine principle is equal to mother nature, tenderness and beauty. Nature feeds humanity, gives birth and preserves it. Here are some of the most common female signs: flowers, birds, elements (water, wood).

The lotus is the most common female symbol. It is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Japanese-Chinese cultures. The lotus symbolizes purity, originality, fertility and beauty. The reason is that the lotus grows in dirty water and the religious philosophy is that one can achieve perfect purity by living in a dirty environment.

The bird symbol is used to represent feminine energy. In particular, the dove, which is used by southern religions, because he is the personification of peace and harmony. The dove is also used by secular organizations as it has become a universal symbol of hope, love and peace.

Female symbols are the elements of nature, water and wood. The tree symbolizes the tree of life that gives life. It is also used in secular symbols due to its universal perception.