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The Story Of Behind Air Jordan By Nike

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In 1984, Nike began producing a line of basketball shoes.

To make their sneakers appear at the stadium, Nike offered a 5-year contract to Chicago Bulls rookie Michael Jordan.

Nike believed in the success of both its sneakers and the success of Jordan.

The basketball player initially did not agree to cooperate with Nike.

At the time, the Chicago Bulls were playing with Adidas և Converse sneakers. Jordan dreamed of receiving an offer of cooperation from them. However, the Jordan manager managed to convince, and Nike got the contract of their dreams.


Very soon, the world will start talking about Michael Jordan’s talent and Nike sneakers.

At that time, it was the most extended contract with one athlete.


The Air Jordan I first hit the market in 1985. The sneakers didn’t meet NBA standards. According to the league rules, 51% of the shoe surface was black or white. From that point on, Nike paid $ 5,000 for every basketball player’s appearance in Air Jordan I.

The sneaker began to live up to Nike’s expectations and hopes. They got a separate life.

In 1986, the Jumpman logo first appeared on the Air Jordan III.

The Porsche 911 inspired the next Air Jordan. And in 1992, the Air Jordan VII was the first basketball shoe without the Nike logo.

In 2013, the Air Jordan XX8 was first introduced by another basketball player.